Inflation is now at forty-year highs.  Costs of everything, most importantly necessities, are soaring.  As you would expect, this is causing many Americans to turn to credit card usage to pay for  essential monthly expenses such as fuel, utilities, and food.  

This article about the affects of high inflation and interest rates does a good job of explaining the impact of the damaging inflation and interest rate increases; especially how it will hurt borrowers with significant credit card debt. 

If you find yourself over extended on credit cards, payday loans, or other debts, it may be time to consult with me to discuss your financial options.  Inflation appears to only be worsening.  Please feel free to contact me for your free consultation.  My cell is 214-288-1917.   

"Are We in a Recession Yet?"

Posted by Len NaryMar 09, 20230 Comments

Just read an interesting article I found in Forbes Advisor written by a fellow Texan.  Very insightfully tracks the various economic indicators that impact the health of the American economy.   While there are some positive signs, as expected there are also some areas (like housing) that are not ...